Complete Gutter Solutions in Torquay


Complete Gutter Solutions offers gutter related services throughout Torquay and its surrounding suburbs.

From Blackgate Road in the north to Spring Creek in the south and from Ghazeepore Road right down to the stunning coast, our services are available to you. And you’ll be pleased to know that we have been in the business for more than 30 years!

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Gutter Guards Solutions in Torquay

Complete Gutter Solutions offer you all the services you need to solve your gutter problems. These include installing a new gutter system, gutter cleaning and gutter guard installation – protection from fallen leaves and bird droppings. So whatever kind of gutter issues you might have, feel free to contact us. Our team of experts will always be happy to come to your house and offer you the right solution for your gutters.

In any case, it is much better to hire experts than to try to fix the gutter problem yourself. Our company is the best choice you can make if you want a long-term guarantee for the service you receive. Whether it is professional gutter cleaning, installing new gutters or the gutter guard installation, the solutions we offer are tailored to your needs and situation.

Torquay Beach - photo by Christian Holzinger at Unsplash

Fully-Functional Gutters are Essential to Keep Your Home Safe

Suppose for some reason, your gutters become damaged over time, or the accumulated dirt leads to their clogging. In that case, the overflow of water can enter your home. Should water seep into the walls of your home, repairing the damage that then occurs requires large investments. Be sure to prevent this scenario by attending to your guttering system ahead of time. Contact us for a tailor made gutter solution designed according to your needs and your home’s design.


Why is a Complete Gutter Solution the Best Choice for Solving Gutter Issues?

Our highly qualified team has decades of experience and valuable skills and knowledge. We have been in the gutter business for thirty years, and we know exactly how to approach every gutter problem. The solutions created by our experts are exclusively designed to the client’s needs. We believe this is the right approach as there are countless house designs and conditions requiring the appropriate match to the various systems. Our team has the necessary experience to assess what type of gutter solution suits you best and accordingly create the most effective and efficient design.

As for the materials we use, we are very proud to be able to guarantee that we work with the highest quality aluminium gutter guards. Moreover, we offer you a guarantee of as much as 20 years, both on the material and the work performed.


About Torquay, Victoria

Torquay is a popular seaside resort town located in Victoria, 21 kilometres south of Geelong.

Just over 100 kilometres from Melbourne, it rests at the start of the Great Ocean Road offering up a relaxed coastal lifestyle blessed with beautiful surf beaches. It has a strong surfing culture and its coast includes Zeally Bay and Point Danger.

Mount Duneed surrounds Torquay to the north, Bellbrae to the west, the Bass Strait to the south and Breamlea to the east.


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Even if you are not 100% sure about how you want to go about solving your gutter problems, you can call us for a free consultation. Contact us by phone if you have any doubts or arrange an inspection of your gutters with one of our team members.