Operating for more than 35 years, Complete Gutter Solutions (CGS) is one of the industry leaders in providing excellent gutter solutions to all types of roofs and gutters servicing Hillside, and surrounding suburbs in Victoria, Australia. Our services include installation of custom-made gutter guard, gutter cleaning using the latest SkyVac vacuum system and all sorts of gutter protection systems.

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Product Quality and Warranty

We use high-quality materials and offer a 20-year product warranty. We offer the best solutions to every gutter guard problem – fallen leaves, debris, bird nesting, unwanted pests and vermin, blocked pipelines, etc. We use a decomposing method to collected guter liters and ensure a safe and clean finish. Our service stretches from residential, commercial to industrial properties.


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Our team of experts are equipped with the necessary license, full liability insurance and professional know-how to carry out the gutter guard solution for you. Our experts take pride in delivering the family’s tradition of honesty, trust and confidence in our service.

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We Operate in Hillside, Victoria and Neighboring Suburbs

We continue to expand our operations in the cities and suburbs of Australia including Hillside. It is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, located 24 km north-west of Melbourne’s Central Business District, within the Cities of Brimbank and Melton local government areas. There is another Hillside in Victoria, a small rural district near Bairnsdale.

The suburb of Hillside was previously part of the neighbouring suburb of Sydenham however its name was changed to Hillside approximately 18 years ago.It has estates with names of Cypress Rise, Banchory Grove, Parkwood Green, Bellevue Hill, Sugargum Estate, Hillside 2000 and Regency Rise. A large water tower (known as “The Golf Ball” by locals) exists in the estate of The Bellevue, which can be seen from several kilometres around and, along with the large radio transmission towers in nearby Delahey, is a major landmark of the outer north-western suburban area. The streets of Hillside are lined with plane trees, which were planted during the farming days of Hillside.. The terrain has a slight slope going up the main street. As the suburb continues to develop, there is a growing need for its people to take care of its surroundings and level up to its escalating demands.

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