Gutter Installation and Cleaning in Kilmore, Victoria

Complete Gutter Solutions company is a 30-year old family business that offers the best gutter-guard solutions to everyone in Kilmore, including all the neighbouring suburbs as well. In case you need to clean and maintain the rainfall pipes on your house, give us a quick call, and we’ll provide you with the best offers from our incredible selection of services. Our general services include gutter guard installation, cleaning as well as bird proofing. By hiring us, you won’t need to worry about having clogged pipes when the heavy rain season comes.

The experience we have taught us that if you don’t solve the clogged pipes on your house as quickly as possible, it’ll cost significantly more to fix the damage that comes as a result from unclogged pipes. It’s not advisable to solve clogged gutter issues by yourself since you can fall from the roof and end up hurt or worse. The official records show that more than 5000 people end up falling from the roof or the ladder each year, and the majority end up in the hospital. There’s no need to risk your health or life by doing the cleaning by yourself. You can hire our company, and we’ll solve all gutter-related problems on your behalf as soon as you give us a call.


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Our unique gutter guard solutions will allow the water to flow steadily and evenly through the gutters. We offer gutter guard installation and cleaning services in Kilmore, Victoria that will keep all the debris and fallen leaves from piling up within the gutter system that can prevent the steady water flow within the pipeline. Moreover, if you’re looking for a long-term solution to keep your gutters clean from any obstacles for a prolonged period, make sure to use our bird-proofing or leaf protection services. Contact us as quickly as you can, and we’ll schedule a free of charge and non-obligating inspection of your gutters.

The Highest Quality Aluminum Products That We Use Allow Us to Offer the Best Quality Services at Kilmore

Providing customers with top-of-the-notch services is never easy, but with the highest quality aluminium products, it becomes much more comfortable. Our long-lasting solutions come with a 20-year warranty for both materials and quality for all our aluminium-based gutter guard mesh products.

About Kilmore, Victoria

Kilmore is a town located around 60 kilometres up north from Melbourne and 40 kilometres from Seymour. By the 2016 census, Kilmore’s population is 7960 residents. Kilmore’s first settlers were Celtic settlers from Cornwall, Scotland, and Ireland. To this day, Kilmore still has a substantial Celtic influence. Every last Saturday of each month, Kilmore hosts popular open markets, while each June, the town hosts a Celtic Festival.

Kilmore’s railway station on the mainline is located at Kilmore East. Moreover, the first Post Office at Kilmore East was open on September, 1st 1872 as Gavan Duffy. Two months later it was renamed to Kilmore East, and it was closed in 1976.

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The gutter guard solutions we offer are uniquely tailored to fit anyone’s needs and to deal with everyone’s gutter problems in Kilmore while remaining very cost-efficient. Our friendly team at Kilmore will make sure to answer all your questions and remove any doubts you have. Make a free-of-charge call to 1300-813-088, and tell us everything that you need so we can offer you the best solution for solving your gutter guard issues.