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Gutter Cleaning and Installation in IVANHOE

Complete Gutter Solutions is known throughout Victoria for the high level of quality of its gutter solutions it provides. From the beginning, our company has had one goal: always to provide customers with the highest quality services and products.

Considering that we have been working successfully for over 30 years, we believe that we have managed to achieve that goal. Complete Gutter Solutions has never allowed the quality of its services and products to deteriorate. We follow the latest industry trends and use the best materials. Because of that, today, we can offer you top-quality services such as gutter cleaning, gutter replacement, gutter guard installation, bird proofing, and leaf protection, etc.

Ivanhoe is one of the suburbs that benefits from our professional services. It is a highly sought after neighborhood for families and a part of Melbourne which enjoys its proximity to several elite private schools, green spaces and a golf course while still being relatively close to the city. It’s girded on the east by Darebin Creek and to its south is the Yarra River. All this green area plus its tree-lined streets makes it especially important for Ivanhoe homeowners to engage our services in keeping homes safe from nature’s debris.

Often,  leaves that are blown by the wind are causing gutter issues. Birds tend to build  their nest on roofs, so their feces and nest materials can end up in gutters. When all debris mixes up with the leaves, blockages are formed. Because of these “plugs,” water can no longer flow through your gutters. Clogged gutters are a serious problem that can cause severe damage to your house.

For that reason, it is essential to react promptly when you notice a problem with gutters. It is much cheaper to hire a professional company to solve that problem than repair the potential damage to the house later.

Furthermore, “do it yourself” actions are not recommended when it comes to cleaning gutters. You should especially avoid installing new gutters and gutter guards on your own. On unstable ladders, it is not easy to maintain balance. That is why accidental falls are frequent, especially if you are not trained to do such work. Hiring a professional team, which will take care of your gutters for you, is a much better (and safer) solution.

Feel free to give us a call, and our friendly staff will answer all questions you might have.


When we say cost-efficient services, we do not mean only the money you need to set aside to solve your gutter problems. Our solutions are cost-efficient because they are long-lasting. This means that you won’t have to worry about your gutters for years to come once you hire us.

Whether you want us to clean your gutters, install new ones, or install protection on the existing guttering system, the warranty on materials we use and work done is 20 years. Just imagine, for the next 20 years, we guarantee that you will not have a problem with your gutters!


Ivanhoe is one of Melbourne’s suburbs, located 9km northeast of the Central Business District of Melbourne. According to the 2016 census, there were 12,171 people in Ivanhoe. An interesting fact is that Ivanhoe North Post Office opened in 1926 (almost a hundred years ago) on Waterdale Road near Banksia Street.

Bellfield surrounds Ivanhoe to the north, Thornbury, and Alphington to the west, Kew East to the south, and Eaglemont and Ivanhoe East to the east.


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