Never climb a ladder again, let CGS do all the dirty work!

“Instead of a permanent gutter solution, our expert team in Melbourne can offer leaf free gutters at a fraction of the cost of our gutter guard. Utilizing industry leading machinery, our team can provide quick and efficient leaf and debris removal.”

Why choose CGS gutter cleaners in Melbourne

CGS have extensive experience in servicing Domestic, Commercial and Industrial markets

CGS utilize the latest machinery and old fashioned muscle to ensure your gutters are free of all debris

We check that all down pipes are clear, and flush them to ensure no hidden blockages

CGS have highly competitive rates for all types of work

Our experienced team have been trained to work at heights

All gutter litter will be disposed of by CGS, and recomposed back into your garden (if preferred)


Utilizing 35 years of experience, let CGS clean your gutters professionally. Climbing ladders and working at heights is hazardous, and we hear of our clients seriously injuring themselves whilst attempting dangerous DIY.


Allow our expert team at CGS to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty for you! Most people injured or killed after falling from a ladder were performing maintenance and cleaning around the home. It’s a scary statistic that every year on average 19.4 fatalities occur, mainly men, after falling from a ladder. Most of these deaths are preventable and could have been avoided if professional help was sought. We are committed to breaking this trend and reducing these tragic events form occurring.


Instead of a permanent gutter guard installation, our expert team at Melbourne can offer leaf free gutters at a fraction of the cost of our premium gutter guard mesh. CGS appreciates that not every budget allows for a significant investment like gutter guard mesh, however, we understand the need to protect your home from costly damage associated with blocked gutters and downpipes.


While we like getting dirty using good old fashioned muscle, our business has recently acquired an industry leading SkyVac vacuum system to ensure no leaves and debris are left in your gutters. Using this ground breaking product, the SkyVac vacuum combined with our experienced team member’s dedication, ensures a fast, efficient and economical way of cleaning your gutters.
All our team members are police checked, licensed to work at heights and have full liability insurance for your peace of mind. We offer our services not just to the residential home owner, but to commercial and industrial applications also.


Our gutter cleaning and gutter guard installation services stretch in Melbourne and across the state. Allow the CGS team to come to you for a free no obligation quote, whether it be your home or place of business. Join the hundreds of satisfied customers across the state….