There are many benefits for choosing to install Gutter Guard mesh

Prevent the build up of leaves and debris

Reduce regular gutter cleaning and dangerous DIY

Prevent birds from nesting and entering your roof

Keep out unwanted pests and vermin from entering your family home

Reduce the fire risk associated with littered gutters

Prevent blocked downpipes and reduce flooding risks

Promote steady flow of clean drinking water


Gutter protection


After Gutter protection
Gutter Protection

CGS offers Gutter Guard Protection in Melbourne to all types of roofs and gutters

Premium tough
aluminium mesh


Premium Affordable Polyethylene Mesh


Premium Woven Aluminum
Gutter Guard/Ember Guard


Here are some examples of the applications we have used

SEE the difference gutter guard can make

Enjoy the convenience of maintenance free gutter protection, and never worry about climbing another ladder again

Enjoy your clean and clear rainwater collection, and take full advantage of your rainwater tank investment

Prolong the life of your gutters and valleys, and avoid the cost of replacing these critical points of your home

Enjoy the confidence of your roofs ability to withstand heavy rainfall, and eliminate the potential for water damage in your home

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with reduced fuel burn on your roof, and increase your homes protection in bush fire prone areas

Never worry about birds and vermin entering your roof and gutters, and keep these unwanted pests outside where they belong

Add style and value to your home, as our colour match system allows for an aesthetically pleasing look to your roof




Protect your home’s gutters with our premium gutter mesh. This will greatly assist in the prevention of leaf and debris build up, which can clog your gutters causing fire hazards and water damage. Our gutter mesh offers an effective gutter guard solution and gutter leaf protection. Solve your leaf related problems with our high quality leaf gutter guard in Melbourne. Other known problems include the infestation of vermin and pests inside your home, bird nesting within your roof and mosquitoes breeding within your gutters. From leaking waters to rotting fascia, our gutter leaf guard provides the protection that works well for your home.


Cleaning your home’s gutter is not a fun thing to do. It’s smelly, messy and even dangerous. Too often have we been called out too late to reactively assist our clients clean and guard their gutters after water, vermin or birds have caused costly damage to their homes. It’s also a scary statistic that every year on average 19.4 fatalities occur, mainly men, after falling from a ladder. Most of these deaths are preventable and could have been avoided if professional help was sought. We are committed to breaking this trend and reducing these tragic events form occurring by providing a long term solution and peace of mind.


Our premium tough gutter mesh options are professionally installed using the “ski slope” effect to promote leaf and debris run off your roof, while allowing precious rainwater to seamlessly filter through our mesh and into your gutters. CGS offers a variety and wide selection of leaf guard mesh to suit all applications and all budgets. We will personalize your gutter installation as there is “no one solution fits all” approach. All our mesh and fittings can be colour matched to suit your roof for an aesthetically pleasing look.


CGS only use the highest quality industry leading materials and work closely with an experienced network of Australian suppliers. This ensures an ongoing consistent supply of quality components, allowing CGS to provide industry leading workmanship warranties.


All our team members are police checked, licensed to work at heights and have full liability insurance for your peace of mind. We offer our services not just to the residential home owner, but to commercial and industrial applications also.


Our services stretch across the state. Allow the CGS team to come to you for a free no obligation quote, whether it be your home or place of business. Join the hundreds of satisfied customers across the state….