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When considering cleaning, protecting, or installing new gutters, it’s crucial to prioritize professional and high-quality service. Any alternative is unacceptable and not the optimal solution for you and your home, as subsequent repairs tend to be more expensive and complicated.

Complete Gutter Solutions provides the most favourable conditions, a highly professional approach to work, and the longest-lasting protection for your gutters, boasting over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Don’t let the upcoming rainy season catch you off guard with clogged gutters that could lead to substantial damage to your home. Our bird-proofing system and leaf protection will keep your gutters free of debris for the next several decades.

Attempting to resolve gutter issues yourself can end in disaster. Whether it’s increased damage to the roof and gutters or serious injuries from falls off ladders, DIY attempts often go awry. Entrust the job to experts who will carefully assess your situation and implement the best solution.

Whether you require gutter cleaning, installation, or gutter guard services, feel free to give us a call.



High-quality solutions for gutter protection, like those provided by Complete Gutter Solutions, are challenging to find in competing companies. We only use the highest quality aluminium materials, backed by a 20-year guarantee, demonstrating our unwavering belief in our work and prioritizing your interests and satisfaction.


The Phillip Island is located in the southeast of Melbourne and is well known for its wonderful wildlife and magnificent landscape. The mainland town, San Remo, is connected by a concrete bridge with the island town, Newhaven. The island was originally called Snapper Island and then changed to Grant Island to honour the lieutenant who landed in 1801, Lieutenant James Grant, and eventually was renamed to Phillip Island to honour the first Governor the New South Wales, Governor Arthur Phillip.

Phillip Island often visited by tourists as a day trip from Melbourne. The island has a lot of unique attractions including:

Penguin Parade – Where tourists and visitors can experience the nightly viewing of little penguins waddling back to their homes. Every sunset, large colonies of penguins can be seen making their way back to their burrows, waddling across the fine sand of Phillip Island.

Churchill Island Heritage Farm – A heritage farm where you can discover the ways of the olden days, on how the people and farmers carry on to their daily farming tasks like cow milking, sheep shearing and whip cracking on the site of the first farm in Victoria. Visit the Churchill Island and enjoy a relaxing stroll as you explore the heritage scenery of the farm grounds and beautiful gardens. You can also take a walk by the coastline and see the restored cottages and farmhouse giving you a glimpse of the past lives of early Australian settlers.

Koala Conservation Centre – This ecotourism attraction is one of the most popular tourist destination in Phillip Island. There are tree top boardwalks and close viewing area in the Conservation Centre for the tourists to really see the koalas up close and properly. The Koala Conservation Centre promotes the conservation of the koala’s population. Visitors and tourists can witness the cute koalas in their natural habitat, the wild.

Phillip Island is also recognised for having the most reliable surf condition in Australia. There were some surf events that was held in past, including the Roxy Pro Women’s Surfing Festival and the Rip Curl Pro. The towns on Phillip Island include Smiths Beach, Cape Woolamai, Cowes, Newhaven, Rhyll, Silverleaves, Summerlands, Ventnor, Wimbledon Heights, Surf Beach and Sunderland Bay. Some famous street in Phillip Island include Church St, Thompson Ave, McKenzie Rd, Justice Rd, Settlement Rd, Dunsmore Rd and Steele St that can be found in Cowes; Sanders Rd, Martin St, Ellen Rd, Honeyeater Dr and Bruce Rd can be found in Silverleaves; in the town of Newhaven there is the Boys Home Rd, Cleeland St, Forrest Ave and School Ave; and some avenues in Cape Woolaima namely Pinedale Ave, Summerhays Ave, Sunnyside Ave, Seaspray Ave, Clearwater Ave, Broadwater Ave, Seashell Ave, Goldensands Ave, Cronulla Ave and Palm Beach Ave.


Due to our dedication to our work, we are available for any questions and advice. Even if you choose not to hire our team (though we’re confident you will), we’re always eager to listen to your gutter-related concerns and offer suggestions for the most efficient solutions.

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