See why our gutter guard is the most effective and efficient way of bird proofing your roof and gutters.

Each year the onset of spring sees an influx of unwanted birds entering thousands of homes across Victoria in search of an ideal nesting spot. Did you know the most common way birds enter your roof is through your gutters?

Bird proofing your home will prevent unwanted damage to the inside of your roof, waking up to chirping pests during all hours of the day and night and preventing unwanted mess to your gutter fascia and façade of your home.

Traditional and conventional methods of bird proofing such as spikes and nest removal only provide short-term relief and offer no long-term benefits as continuous and regular servicing is required. Our gutter guard is a proven, 100% long-term solution to bird proofing your roof. Our tough, rigid and high-quality perforated aluminium mesh provides a full proof barrier across the top of gutters preventing birds from entering and nesting within roofs and gutter lines.

Our bird proofing system is backed by a 15-year material warranty, and a 20-year workmanship warranty on all house installations. In conjunction with providing a proven bird proofing solution, our gutter guard mesh will keep out the finest debris; eliminating clogged gutters, increased fire risk to your home and the cost of regular gutter cleaning services.

bird proofing your roof in Melbourne

Bird Proofing Your Roof: Mesh Installation in Melbourne

Our bird proofing mesh is compatible with all types of roofs and gutters and is available in 23 colours. This allows us to colour match all types of Colorbond and tiled roofs, and provides an aesthetically pleasing look to your home. Our specially designed perforated mesh can withstand continuous attacks from birds and the Australian climate, whilst allowing maximum water flow through your gutters.

Allow our qualified and friendly team to come and assess your home at no cost, and to provide expert advice on bird proofing your home.