Bushfire Prone Areas

Our high quality aluminum mesh is well suited to high fire risk zones; meeting AS1530.3 standard (noncombustible) and acting as a suitable gutter guard right through to BAL rating FZ (Highest Bushfire Attack Level). Having our gutter guard installed will also provide a continuous flow of clean, drink safe rainwater to your water tanks.

Coastal / Seaside Areas

Construction in seaside environments has its own minimum standard requirements to withstand the corrosive impact of airborne salinity.
We only use commercial grade, high quality, rust proof aluminum mesh to weather the harshest coastal saltwater areas. Our gutter guards are also ideal for filtering out debris and allowing the flow of clean, safe rainwater into your tanks.

Melbourne Metro & CBD

Our high quality aluminum mesh is ideal for densely populated leafy areas; preventing the buildup of leaves and debris from blocking your gutters. Our trusted gutter guard solutions will also keep out unwanted pests and birds from nesting within your roof. When you have our gutter guard installed, the rainwater flowing into your water tanks will be filtered and free from debris.

If you would like a free consult about your gutter guard and bird proofing needs, contact us today. One of our friendly expert team members will happily discuss with you further.