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Complete Gutter Solutions offers gutter service, installation, and protection solutions throughout Sandhurst, from Galilee Drive to Taylors Road, from Thompsons Road to Wedge Road.


Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Guards Solutions In Sandhurst

We have been in the business for over 30 years. Our team of professionals have been making it their business to keep your gutters working efficiently and effectively. This includes our gutter cleaning service which is offered to residents and businesses alike. If you choose CGS, we will come out and inspect your gutters and offer you a cleaning report.

It’s important to keep gutters serviced and maintained on a regular basis. If not, they can become clogged and result in more water run-off into your driveway or yard, and worse, into your home, which can cause severe damage to your property.

To avoid this situation, we offer you gutter cleaning solutions.

Our gutter cleaning service starts with a thorough inspection of your guttering system and an obligation free estimate. Once you have the gutters cleaned and removed any clogs that may have developed along the way, we can also assist with the installation of gutter guards.

Gutter guard installation in Sandhurst

Other Gutter Solutions We Provide in Sandhurst

Complete Gutter Solutions also provides other tailored-made gutter solutions such as guttering installation, guttering repair, guttering replacement, gutter guards installation, bird proofing and leaf protection. If you are interested in learning more about our services, give us a call.


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Why is Complete Gutter Solutions the Best Choice for Gutter Protection?

After 30 years of experience in working with gutters, Complete Gutter Solutions is a company that can be said to have become a guarantee of quality. The quality of our services is recognizable throughout Victoria, and our desire to be even better is present from year to year.

gutter guard specialists Melbourne, Victoria

Complete Gutter Solutions puts customer satisfaction first, which is why we do our job professionally and with commitment.

The gutters and gutter guards we offer are manufactured according to the latest industry standards.

To give you extra assurance that we are the best choice, we offer both a 20-year warranty on the material and a 20-year warranty on the workmanship.

We believe in the quality of our work, and we believe that you will find working with us a pleasant experience. Our employees are 100% dedicated to each customer, taking care of all the details at all stages of work.

About Sandhurst

Sandhurst is located 37 km south-east of the Central Business District of Melbourne.

A family-friendly community, Sandhurst boasts a golf club and lots of parks and green spaces. Located not too far from the bay, the neighbourhood is clean and well maintained, and according to the 2016 Census, Sandhurst had 4981 residents.

Lyndhurst surrounds Sandhurst to the north, Patterson Lakes to the west, Carrum Downs to the south and Skye to the east.


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